For some people, owning a car is just another form of transportation.
Simply getting them from point A to point B, but we here at Emotion Built believe that it is soo much more than just that.

More than just transportation.
We strongly believe a car is not only our joy and happiness, but it is also an escape from our everyday lifestyle. It is a reflection of who we are and how we express ourselves. It takes us on journeys and adventures, it tests out our limits and gives us many memories and experiences.

Part of owning a car is that it can be modified! We here at Emotion Built love that!
We believe in modifying our cars whether its creating, restoring or upgrading. We all see potential in our cars to improve and enhance its features, its styling and/or its performance. We work hard and do what we believe is best for our cars and ourselves. Sure we try and do it ourselves but sometimes we have to get help from others.

It doesn’t always work…
At times our cars can break down or have unexplainable issues (big or small), despite all of the stress’ and headaches that we encounter, we do not give up on our cars and we push hard to do all that we can to try repair and fix the issue back to working order, we devote our time, money and efforts for what we love most.

Emotion Built is the representation of all this. It is the joy, the happiness and the excitement we experience. It is the process and transitions we go through when modifying. It is the heartache, the pain and the struggle. It is all of the Emotions built when owning and modifying cars.